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LINQ technologies to build query and transformation to realise auction system

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Our experts are constantly aware of new technologies of development. We use the latest techniques and methods for implementation of integrated systems and choose the proper tools, carefully examining software specifications of the customer to obtain optimal results.

At the moment, PNN Soft developers are involved in the creation of an online auction system for a foreign customer. The system allows users from all parts of the world to buy and sell various multimedia products in real time without the mediation of trade networks or stores.

While implementing some projects our developers have to use two (or more) programming language:

For efficient work the developer must be competent in several programming languages. Moreover, there is a discrepancy between languages in the development environment.

So, while implementing online auction system our experts used LINQ (Language-Integrated Query). LINQ – is structured query language, which is integrated into the context of all of the usual cycles, conditional statements and procedures. If SQL – Structured Query Language is a relational database, LINQ – is structured query language to any arrays and collections of objects managed by your program.

LINQ – is not realization of SQL in the context of C# or Visual Basic, but a transfer of its concepts to any data connected to your code.

This technology enables developers to build queries in code, based on a set without additional query language. Despite the fact that the sources of data requests are implemented in different ways, they all use the same syntax and language constructs.

Embed query language allows programmers who use Visual Studio environment gain more productivity. These features reduce the cost of requests debugging and troubleshooting.

There are three separate technologies ADO.NET LINQ (Language-Integrated Query):

The technology LINQ to Entities used by our developers allows request EDM (model). Model Entity Data Model (EDM) is a conceptual data model used by our specialists for data modeling of a certain domain, so that applications could interact with the data as with the entities or objects.

For detailed information and to request a quote, please contact us: PNN Soft, London, UK.