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Useful Application for Vehicle Diagnostics inCarDoc is Now Available for iPhone Users

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PNN Soft Company continues developing own mobile products and one of them is a software solutions for the cars – auto diagnostic application inCarDoc

In early April 2013, we announced the release of pro-version of the Android app  inCarDoc PRO, which offers advanced features for drivers: recording real-time parameters, reading, display and record multiple parameters simultaneously, recording parameters in the background mode, view and sending recorded parameters traces, GPS support, Fuel Economy parameters (beta version).

Now this popular service of communication with the on-board computer of the vehicle is available for iPhone users. It allows them to save time and money spent on visits to the vehicle service station as well as to identify major malfunction of the car and consider its maintenance by themselves.

The app is free and available on the App Store: by the link.

Major functions of inCarDoc for iPhone application:

inCarDoc iPhone version uses Wi-Fi network to connect the OBD system of the car, so one needs OBD-II Wi-Fi cable or Wireless OBD2 Adapter to be plugged to the OBD-II port of the car (it is usually located under the steering wheel). To start using the App one should set up Wi-Fi connection on mobile phone, run application and start the engine.

We also offer a short video on how to set up the application: using the link.  

We also would like to admit, that inCarDoc iPhone comprises the main functionality of the Android version of the app, which was released earlier, and allows reading engine parameters in real time only. These makes its functionality a bit narrow, while the Android version allows reading and interpretation of the trouble codes (DTC memory), clear DTCs and MIL (clear MIL – Check Engine), chart drawing for real-time data, in addition with the pro-version – real time parameters recording, read, display, record multiple parameters simultaneously, recording parameters in background mode, view and sending recorded parameters traces, GPS support – provide the driver with powerful diagnostic tool. All the functions mentioned above will be implemented in the future versions of the App.