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Voice Commerce – the new resource for shopping

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Although voice shopping is a bit of a novelty nowadays, every fourth smart speaker owner has used it. Current online mobile shopping statistics claim that 62% of American consumers and 44% of British users have purchased goods via smartphone. What is more, by 2023 the number of digital assistants will reach 8 billion. The current rate, by comparison, is about 2.5 billion. 

So what makes this hands-free tech sought after? First of all, it allows people to multitask and get results promptly. There’s no need to type if the website has a voice search button.

Before we go over voice shopping key trends, let’s dwell on how to prepare your company for state-of-the-art technology.

Three tips to prepare your business for voice commerce development


It’s time to consider three actions for building a successful digital strategy. 

Voice commerce is an essential tool for repeat purchases and product discovery. Well, it’s a good place to start.

As soon as you get the first voice-enabled earnings, you may adapt items to voice shopping. That’s the way you can assist customers in navigating the website. Think over reworking descriptions and improving existing names. Your goal is to rewrite data, making it clear, short, and easy to understand. 

To take full advantage of voice commerce for marketing, partner up with Google, Amazon, and other large enterprises. Google home, for example, tends to return results with a strong Google Express presence. 

Four trends in voice commerce

Voice commerce trends, development

In 2019, Walmart really pushed this thing forward. To quote Walmart’s senior vice president of digital operations Tom Ward, “The more you use Walmart Voice Order, the better we’ll get”. AI is a crucial tool for making the user experience as personalized as possible. Plus, personalization is a must for boosting loyalty and retaining users better. 

 Voice channels will be realized as an instant service via smartphone and in-store customer relations kiosks. At the same time, if companies haven’t invested in voice commerce, they will probably lose sales and goodwill. The primary reason for this remains long phone waiting times. So now you know how to avoid delays.

Speaking about local voice commerce trends, we should mention that shoppers use a voice tech three times more than text-based searches. That is why well-known brands, such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Starbucks have pioneered voice search. Thanks to a predictable ordering system and defined menu, trailblazers in voice commerce achieved a frictionless user experience. We can say that their far-sightedness is definitely paying off. 

According to the statistics, 85% of voice shoppers tend to purchase the first option given by a voice search. However, the situation should change with Echo Show and other smart display implementations. Displaying the highest-ranked product or presenting a customer’s previous orders will become things of the past. All because smart displays provide a full Amason search. And just imagine better-trained voice AI in combination with this feature! Seems like in-store shopping will be something you can do from the comfort of your couch.

Solutions for e-commerce and mobile commerce by PNN Soft


PNN Soft provides clients with reliable software development. The company has 20 years of experience in creating highly efficient solutions, but we are continually honing our skills to deliver advanced technologies. We have developed more than 1000 efficient and stable web-products for different industries, including mobile and desktop retail applications. When it comes to e-commerce, security is our primary concern. 

We are determined to seek innovative solutions that meet individual companies’ needs. That is why we know which technologies spell success for your business. 

PNN Soft takes full advantage of Scrum and Agile methodologies to ensure constant communication with customers and build a flexible manufacturing process. Our Agile teams of professionals include software developers, testers, GUI designers, technical writers, and managers.

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