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How to make a profit with a startup idea in IT

Nowadays, the IT sector is developing a lot of cutting-edge ideas. There is an excellent opportunity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business by applying new ideas to start in IT. A professional startup idea in IT is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who intend to launch their business from scratch, based on technological resources.

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Independent testing services

New methods, testing techniques, and automation tools appear regularly. They provide an opportunity to improve the quality of the software product. Independent testing becomes is the objective way to assess the quality of software and minimize risks.

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The Cutting-Edge Technologies AI, ML, and IoT on Energy & Utility Companies

The perspective of the development of modern IT technologies forms the technology market. Currently, IT provides a wide range of solutions. The functions of AI, ML and IoT technologies are applicable in almost all areas of human activity. Therefore, the introduction of advanced technologies in utilities and energy companies is an urgent solution.

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What is a Legacy System Migration and how it can boost your productivity

Sooner or later, each company searches for efficient low-code solutions aimed at improving the existing system. And because of numerous programming products available in the IT market, it’s easier said than done. In this post, we’ll dwell on the migrating challenges and significant steps to completing data migration. But first, let’s start by clarifying the concept.

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How machine learning can be used today and in the future

Machine learning solutions are already being implemented in our daily lives, making it much easier. Consequently, there is a growing demand for artificial intelligence platforms provided as a service. Machine learning IT solutions are applicable in various fields of activity, which is facilitated by the rapid growth of organizations and the active development of the computing infrastructure.

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Security and Assurance Technology Trends in 2021

Technology trends change rapidly, but information assurance & security will never go out of style. It is an overview of tendencies and security issues that should be on your radar screen. Meanwhile, the QA trends also focus on risk management and adaptation to the pandemic. If you are eager to stay on top of QA management obligations, сonsider key quality assurance trends.

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Digital Quality Assurance. The role of Q&A in IT development services?

Speaking about the traditional software approach, IT teams tend to perform QA & Testing services at the final stages of their projects. That is how the QA team’s feedback helps developers to identify shortcomings and resolve problems before the market release. But does it work the same way in 2021? Thanks to the Agile development model, QA experts are free to collaborate with developers during projects.

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IT outsourcing for medium business and manufacturing companies — getting the maximum benefit

Mid-sized businesses tend to have comparatively small budgets for IT support that is equal to larger enterprises’ information systems. That’s why an in-house development often seems to be unaffordable. But can IT outsourcing services help your company to save funds and stay up to date on the latest solutions? How does this model operate? First of all, vendors already have the latest software and hardware...

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How to find an outsourcing software development team

In the time of lockdown and the digital explosion, numerous large companies are searching for programming solutions. However, due to the oversaturated IT market, the task gets more complicated. Let’s start by looking at the geography of outsourcing in 2020. If you want to get cost-effective services without loss of quality, turn your attention to Eastern European providers.

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