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Business Automation Services

PNN Soft team developing efficient and complex programming solutions. Business automatization provides companies with automation software to simplify work processes and achieve more coherent collaboration across the company’s departments.

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PNN Soft offers several solutions for robust business automation:

We realize custom software for companies with a wide range of workflow management tools. The totality of practices enables us to automate various work processes — from basic ones to more complex cases. Within one platform, your employees can tackle tasks of various complexity: from requesting holiday schedules to interacting with clients. In addition, each and every activity is traced and can be analysed to derive data insights.

At PNN Soft, we deliver business software automation to free up your staff members’ energy and time. Therefore, employees can concentrate on handling more complex tasks or work on strategically significant matters.

Transaction Processing Systems Development

The main task of TPS is to decrease the risk of data loss in case of network or terminal disruption. The system can recover from OS failure and process masses of data in real time or in batches.

Custom SCM Development

Thanks to the solution, you can manage the flow of goods, finances, and data related to services or products, from the raw materials to the delivery at the final destination.

Decision Support Systems Development

We create DSS to modernize the decision-making process at the operations, planning, and management level. The system derives insights from loads of unstructured data.

Unleash all the advantages of an automated business system with PNN Soft

Improved efficiency

The system comprises all department data in a single place. Therefore, you obtain advanced instruments for recurring process elimination, day-to-day tasks automation and cross-department workflow collaboration.

Simplified standardisation

At PNN Soft, we develop corporate solutions in line with the most innovative practices of your business sector. Therefore, we also help you achieve more secure data and comply with regulatory requirements. On a level of workflow, it results in less possibility of malfunctions/shortcomings/errors.

Greater cost-effectiveness

One multifunctional corporate portal requires fewer funds and money to develop than building up several apps. Plus, automated business solutions inevitably lead to operational expense reduction.

Strengthened Data security

Thanks to the corporate portal’s internal control, admins of the platform can promptly edit data and modify permission for accessing vulnerable information. If you want to develop a cloud-based system vulnerable to cyber hazards by its nature, we will provide you with robust, around-the-clock server protection.

Relevant customisation

At the same time, our software engineers will gladly consult you on the necessary services pack to prevent overpaying for technologies you do not really use.

Convenient report and planning

Our business analysts focus on creating automated systems capable of generating analytics on demand. Thus, it brings more opportunities for detailed and thorough planning and improved decision-making.

We know how to help your business increase sales with modern digital solutions. We implement software solutions for workflow automation and provide cloud services to make internal processes flexible.

How we work to automate your business and spell success for it

Software solutions for business are the tool for the faster defining and solving issues. PNN Soft is skilled in RPA (Robotic Process Automation). If you are ready for fruitful collaboration with an automation software company, feel free to share your request in the form below.