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The efficient concept for software development

The development of a successful IT product is a complex and multi-step process with a number of mandatory stages. The concept for software is to strive for maximum automation, and efficiency. If the technical concept is done correctly, it will bring the business to a new level.

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Shifting to SaaS business model: how to proceed with that smoothly

We knew that 20% of companies spend about $12 million annually on cloud computing. The global SaaS industry revenue is expected to reach $171 billion in 2022. That's not surprising, as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows users to reap all the benefits of cloud computing without building platforms from scratch.

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What you should know about Fintech trends and opportunities

Over the past few years, the financial market sector has been actively introducing modern technologies into its processes. Fintech is a technology that contributes to the effective management of the financial aspects of a business. The use of Fintech allows companies to create new technology solutions to compete with traditional financial organizations.

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Custom Software development. How to choose the best solution

There are a lot of custom software development services. However, how can you choose the most optimal solution that will satisfy the customer's requirements? Firstly, you need to get acquainted with custom development and its stages. this will help to identify the company for cooperation at the initial stage.

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The main aspects in analytical software development

The software differs in its functions, implementation, and purpose. Today's analytics provides new opportunities thanks to software. The principles of analytical software allow you to create new use cases in the fields of any activity. Software with analytical methods provides companies with new solutions for various industries. Software solutions for analytics increase the efficiency of any company.

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The role and tasks of a Product Manager in IT company. Hire a high-class product manager

With the development of business in all areas, there are additional positions that are responsible for specific functionality. Including the Product Manager. The specialist is responsible for the development of new products, their readiness, and entry into the market. In the coming years, we can expect an active search for Product managers.

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Information Architecture is a priority tool for positive UX

Information Architecture is a significant aspect of UX design. IA allows you to create an interaction with the user through a well-thought-out interface. UX tools are focused on the user and his perception of content. This process implies the relationship between these parts allows the user to interact with the product. The article explains the base statements of IA.

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Achieving Security Compliance, or how to get from DevOps to DevSecOps

Millions of businesses use cloud platforms and Amazon Web Services as it helps to achieve flexibility, lower costs and give an innovative boost to your enterprise. In the cloud age, companies should diligently work on cybersecurity, DevOps and DevSecOps are the best solutions for this purpose. However, those are complex concepts and the article aims to explain their differences.

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Who is CTO, CIO, and CEO in IT Company. CTO as a service

It is impossible to imagine effective business development without information technologies and systems in the modern world. Today, the IT market is considered one of the fastest-growing and progressive segments. Therefore, competent management of projects and departments in the IT-sphere comes to the fore. CTO, CIO and CEO in IT companies are senior positions.

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