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Who is CTO, CIO, and CEO in IT Company. CTO as a service

In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine effective business development without the use of information technologies and systems. Today, the information technology market is considered one of the fastest-growing and most progressive market segments. Therefore, competent management of projects and departments in the IT-sphere comes to the fore.

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SaaS software development for business. What is it, and how it works

Modern technologies and additional services allow business companies to set up communication with customers much more effectively. The development and support of software products are quite labor-intensive.

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Rational Unified Process: what you need to know

Rational Unified Process (RUP) is an agile software development methodology that divides the project lifecycle into four phases: inception, elaboration, construction, and transition. Each of them has its binding goals. And what is more, developers may go over the phases if necessary, until the demands are satisfied. When the IT team completes the transition stage, the project is carried out.

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Security and Assurance trends 2021

Technology trends change rapidly, but information assurance and security will never go out of style. We’ve prepared for you an overview of tendencies that should be on your radar screen. Security issues can be divided into two categories: “old”, such as malware and think phishing scams, and “new” related to the impact of the Covid-19. Meanwhile, the quality assurance trends also focus on risk management and adaptation to the pandemic.

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Digital Quality Assurance. What is the role of Q&A in IT development services?

Speaking about the traditional software approach, IT-teams tend to perform QA & Testing services at the final stages of their projects. That is how the QA team’s feedback helps developers to identify shortcomings and resolve problems before the market release. But does it work the same way in 2021? Thanks to the Agile development model, QA experts are free to collaborate with developers during each project stage...

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Augmented Reality software to Attract More Customers

Do you want to create buzz around your brand? The augmented reality software serves various businesses with unmatched excellence. Statistics show that AR-based solutions are particularly sought-after in eCommerce, Marketing, and Gaming. One of the most striking examples is using the tech to enhance customer experience, and attract potential clients.

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How to find an outsourcing software development team

In the time of lockdown and the digital explosion, numerous large companies are searching for programming solutions. However, due to the oversaturated IT market, the task gets more complicated. Let’s start by looking at the geography of outsourcing in 2020. If you want to get cost-effective services without loss of quality, turn your attention to Eastern European providers.

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How does Information Technologies influence C2B, C2C business models’ efficiency?

Before discussing apps for selling stuff, let’s clear up the difference between C2B and C2C business models. Well, both of them are categories of e-commerce, but C2B facilitates selling goods between private individuals and organizations. C2B may also involve providing services to businesses. At the same time, C2C ensures the transaction of products or services between private individuals only.

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App Store Optimization. Tips to reach the success of Your app

Before diving into App Store Optimization, we would really like to start this article by encouraging statistics. According to the data, average Americans tend to check out their smartphones every 12 minutes. And just imagine, people spend a whopping 90 percent of mobile time utilizing mobile apps. As you can see, mobile apps have truly become the in thing in recent years, and, in a competitive environment, we need to promote apps effectively.

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