Business Process Automation



IT solutions for logistics and supply chain

Software solutions for supply chain management and logistics are an integral part of an effective work process. IT solutions for logistics automation are of increased interest from large and small businesses. Therefore, the introduction of software into the supply chain becomes a priority for business.

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Custom HR Software Development Services

To achieve the best results for the work of employees, systems have been developed, thanks to which automation of personnel management is provided. HRM system means an automated complex personnel management system. Therefore, the efficiency and optimization of HR have a significant impact on the final result of the company's work.

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What you should know about Fintech trends and opportunities

Over the past few years, the financial market sector has been actively introducing modern technologies into its processes. Fintech is a technology that contributes to the effective management of the financial aspects of a business. The use of Fintech allows companies to create new technology solutions to compete with traditional financial organizations.

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CRM system for sales department - create an efficient solution

The customer relationship management system promotes quality customer relationships. The system supports sales management, and provides useful information for team communication. CRM systems provide complete reliability and mobility solutions. Therefore, today's CRM development plays an important role.

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7 business benefits of mobile apps. The apps' abilities in your smartphone that help to promote your business

Custom software development is the construction of an original information system based on industrial solutions. Application capabilities contribute to solving issues of scalability, reliability, support and further modernization. Optimal software solutions help business platforms to actively develop in the modern technological world. Therefore, the software allows the business to support both high-quality results and data processing.

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Distinguishing between BPA and BPM (Business process automation and management)

Technologies and science are constantly evolving, which makes it easy to speed up business processes. Automated solutions are the main tool for optimizing work and removing complex processes from employees. And business process management software is the key to efficiency. BPA and BPM are the ways of business optimization.

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Open Source Mobile App Development Software. What is it and how to find the best one?

According to a recent study, people in the USA spend around 87% of their daytime checking smartphones. So it’s no wonder that mobile application development has become one of the leading directions in the IT industry. Thanks to open source mobile app development software, nowadays, businesses can create solutions without significant investments.

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AI in Architecture. Technologies and software in Architecture

The last few years have shown that Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining demand. Artificial intelligence (AI) is having an increasing impact on various industries. He creates advanced tools and methods for unsolvable tasks. AI finds its place in the architecture industry to free workers from routine tasks. However, the technology is not able to automate the receptivity and intuition of the architect as it is a tool used by humans.

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Automated Manufacturing Solutions. The pross of solutions and the way to do it

Automation of production is an integral part of progress. This process already increases the efficiency of work by carrying out time-consuming technical tasks in a shorter period of time. The main role of the introduction of automation systems is to increase the level of mobility and facilitate the work of employees. Thanks to these changes, the level of competitiveness in the market increases.

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