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Is it a good idea to invest in smart home app development

Home automation solutions are rapidly gaining popularity. Investments in this direction generate income. The analyst states that the income of this group of services will grow fivefold until 2024. What should you know about the development of solutions for the Smart Home?

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Reasons to choose hybrid mobile app development

Statista claims that mobile apps will cross a threshold of 258 billion by 2022. One of the leading mobile app development trends, ensuring a cross-platform functionality - hybrid apps - remains visible and relevant in the modern IT landscape. Hybrid apps use popular technological frameworks and languages.

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Portable devices in medicine and efficient software

Today, qualified developers of IT companies are creating new solutions for the healthcare sector. Portable medical devices are gaining popularity. The advantages of portable devices create competitiveness and lead to active medicine development. They are designed to check the patient's health, too.

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How to create an aggregator application for booking

The development of mobile applications provides an excellent opportunity for the development of other industries. Booking applications are gaining more and more popularity, as they are easy to use and accessible to everyone. The addition of new features in booking applications has attracted many entrepreneurs to the market who are improving the functions of mobile applications.

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Open Source Mobile App Development Software. What is it and how to find the best one?

According to a recent study, people in the USA spend around 87% of their daytime checking smartphones. So it’s no wonder that mobile application development has become one of the leading directions in the IT industry. Thanks to open source mobile app development software, nowadays, businesses can create solutions without significant investments.

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Progressive Web Apps and E-commerce: a big step up from mobile-responsive websites?

Thanks to Progressive Web Apps, AliExpress and the Washington Post improved conversion by 82%, and Twitter reduced data consumption by 70%. It’s a good enough argument for taking a closer look at the PWAs. Is it not enough? The page-load time: adopting PWA results in a 300% performance improvement.

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What characteristics should BI software have?

Now big companies are knee-deep in data overload, and data keeps coming from everything. That's why business intelligence software tools are all the rage. First off, the Internet of things has connected everything, starting from appliances and vehicles to cities and economies. Artificial intelligence also takes advantage of data to automate processes that we still associate with human interaction

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Mobile security in 2021. Best practices for iOS/Android for everyone

With the era of public/private 5G, cloud, and remote working, mobile data protection has taken on new relevance. Security leaders and experienced developers contend with a growing variety of challenges, as cybercriminals are targeting mobile users more actively than ever before. In addition, security researchers claim that both Android and iOS apps are still unsafe.

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How will IT affect the education sector soon? E-learning solutions in 2021

As learning isn’t confined to books, it’s hard to imagine the educational sector without e-learning platform development. In addition, teachers are searching for customized solutions, innovative and accessible from all devices. Speaking about current educational trends, we cannot fail to mention Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Machine learning. Read the article to find answers.

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