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Online Marketplace in 2022, is it still possible to get the profit

The number of mobile users is actively growing all over the world. The marketplace is becoming a priority solution for leading businesses. This is an online platform where online stores of various entrepreneurs are presented. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to bring your business to an effective level of development.

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Digital self-service — use customer engagement software!

Attention to the consumer will always be an important aspect of any business. However, the process of consumer involvement and independence during business is open. The article tells how IT solutions can improve self-service.

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Loan automation and its capabilities

According to our customers' experience, automation in banking leads to cutting human errors by more than 90%. The development process of the core banking app usually takes 3-4 months. Is it really worth time and investments in the long run? An immediate yes, and here's why. Apart from relatively fast time to market, banking solutions are also beneficial for decreasing operational costs by automating monotonous tasks...

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Airport Technology Management Solutions

Software solutions for airports provide the main operating activities of the airport. The system is designed to store and manage primary airport data and operations. Therefore, airport management aims to ensure safe civil air traffic and facilitate cooperation between airport administrations.

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Reasons to choose hybrid mobile app development

Statista claims that mobile apps will cross a threshold of 258 billion by 2022. One of the leading mobile app development trends, ensuring a cross-platform functionality - hybrid apps - remains visible and relevant in the modern IT landscape. Hybrid apps use popular technological frameworks and languages.

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Metering software for power supply and utility meters

Software for collecting and recording indicators of utility meters is gradually gaining popularity. Special devices and software allow it to check and collect indicators without the direct participation of utility workers or consumers. The software controls and transmits meter readings to the accounting system over a wireless network.

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Artificial intelligence in Fintech (Finance sphere)

AI is rapidly developing today, introducing modern methods of solutions. It is widely used in a variety of industries and has an impact on almost all aspects of creativity. This technology allows banks to meet modern standards by offering smart solutions for servicing their customers. Thus, AI is becoming a priority solution for bringing the financial sector to a new level.

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Banking as a Service (BaaS) - why banking needs reinvention

It is quite noteworthy that six of the ten world's most valuable companies are platform companies. Even though none of them is a bank, banks have proceeded with building public APIs to develop and nurture a whole ecosystem of external partners (independent developers, technology vendors, and service providers).

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The benefits and possible risks of Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Statista claims that over 80% of the world’s top 500 companies prefer utilising the ODC framework for software development. Ukrainian IT teams now deliver software development services for over 100 Fortune 500 companies. In this post, we will consider how to take advantage of ODC and minimise risks associated with remote collaboration with the teams of IT professionals.

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