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IT solutions for logistics and supply chain

Software solutions for supply chain management and logistics are an integral part of an effective work process. IT solutions for logistics automation are of increased interest from large and small businesses. Therefore, the introduction of software into the supply chain becomes a priority for business.

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What’s coming up in the world of cloud computing: 2022 trends

Cloud development solutions experienced a significant rose between 2020 and 2022 when numerous enterprises searched for ways to virtualization of their entire IT infrastructure. The trend of P2V, so-called physical-to-virtual, will be evolving in 2022. Moreover, it is anticipated that by the end of 2022, almost all companies will become cloud-native.

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Software solutions for insurance companies

The rapid development of software for insurance companies has led to the creation of new tools in this area. The main goal of the software for insurance companies is to achieve maximum efficiency of intellectual labour based on the implementation of the tasks set. The IT solutions for insurance companies are a tool for process automatisation.

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Shifting to SaaS business model: how to proceed with that smoothly

We knew that 20% of companies spend about $12 million annually on cloud computing. The global SaaS industry revenue is expected to reach $171 billion in 2022. That's not surprising, as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows users to reap all the benefits of cloud computing without building platforms from scratch.

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DevOps tools and practices: exploit all the benefits of an iterative environment

DevOps is a set of techniques, tools, and philosophies of culture that allow to automate and integrate between the processes of software development teams. Development & Operations software development methodology, the task of which is to establish interaction between programmers and sysadmins in the company.

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What is PWA (Progressive Web App) and how to turn your existing app into it

The only developer is capable of running and customizing a functional PWA but is Progressive Web App technology only a hassle? Simply put, the solution provides users with key native features, such as accessing the app offline, push notifications and installing the app on the mobile home screen. However, not every web application is a PWA...

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CRM system for sales department - create an efficient solution

The customer relationship management system promotes quality customer relationships. The system supports sales management, and provides useful information for team communication. CRM systems provide complete reliability and mobility solutions. Therefore, today's CRM development plays an important role.

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7 business benefits of mobile apps. The apps' abilities in your smartphone that help to promote your business

Custom software development is the construction of an original information system based on industrial solutions. Application capabilities contribute to solving issues of scalability, reliability, support and further modernization. Optimal software solutions help business platforms to actively develop in the modern technological world. Therefore, the software allows the business to support both high-quality results and data processing.

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Distinguishing between BPA and BPM (Business process automation and management)

Technologies and science are constantly evolving, which makes it easy to speed up business processes. Automated solutions are the main tool for optimizing work and removing complex processes from employees. And business process management software is the key to efficiency. BPA and BPM are the ways of business optimization.

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