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Loan automation and its capabilities

According to our customers' experience, automation in banking leads to cutting human errors by more than 90%. The development process of the core banking app usually takes 3-4 months. Is it really worth time and investments in the long run? An immediate yes, and here's why. Apart from relatively fast time to market, banking solutions are also beneficial for decreasing operational costs by automating monotonous tasks...

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How Artificial Intelligence spells success to businesses

Which technology is leading the world forward nowadays? Certainly, Artificial Intelligence is among those solutions that have recently become efficient, competitive tools. In 2021, 86% of CEOs claimed that AI was a company's mainstay, which is hardly surprising. However, before speaking about how Artificial Intelligence would benefit your enterprise, we need to clarify the term itself...

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Digital commerce — solutions for Entertainment and Hospitality

One of the most efficient interactive tools in digital commerce is self-service experience. It is not only attractive with its possibilities (virtual fitting room or personalised sizing) but also helpful with analyse clients' behaviour. What are the solutions for the entertainment and hospitality industries? Trends to follow and make industries efficient.

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Efficient IT solutions in the field of education

Today, there is a growing demand for software development for education. The variety of IT products for the education sector is incredibly wide. For example, applications for preschoolers, applications in mathematics, physics for schoolchildren, applications, and platforms for self-study of languages. Electronic diaries and journals, student and staff monitoring systems, repositories, and ERP solutions.

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How to prevent problems with Big Data Analytics?

Over 90% of global data was created in the last two years, which proves the huge demand for big data analytics systems. Despite this fact, only 27% of entrepreneurs consider their big data practices a successful initiative. So what conclusions can be drawn from these statistics? Given the nature of the technology, mistakes in the work can not be avoided. The PNN Soft decided to look into this issue.

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Effective cloud vs. edge computing services: What is potential?

Although effective cloud solutions remain highly sought after, the potential of cloud computing is still quite limited. Therefore clients and market leaders are beginning to realize that there isn’t much growth left in the cloud. But what makes edge computing an exponentially more advanced option nowadays? And why do a multitude of cloud opportunities lie at the edge sometimes?

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Reliable solutions in ERP system development for complex business applications

Today, ERP software has become an indispensable tool for all-size businesses. According to the statistics, the ERP market is actively growing, with a total market size expected to exceed around $50 billion by 2024. 53% of IT decision-makers consider ERP an investment priority, in addition to CRM. Put simply, the system works as a central database, which assists in business processes automatization.

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MACH architecture: a new approach for boosting e-commerce sales

In today’s world, digital fluency is a vital part of E-commerce development. So if you want to provide your clients with a seamless shopping experience on any device, up-to-date technology is just what you need. And now imagine that you can combine 4 efficient strategies based on one platform. That’s the key to becoming more customer-centric, future-proof, and agile.

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What is the way to avoid failure in business digitalization? Today's digital World.

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword anymore, especially for companies striving to keep up to date. It’s no wonder that meeting the market changes goes hand in hand with cutting-edge technologies. Digitalization has always brought enterprises long-term merits, like enhanced security, lower prices, and increased productivity. In addition, the transformation has become exceptionally relevant nowadays because of the pandemic.

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