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Tech Digitalization Challenges for Public Sector

The public sector and technology are just beginning to interact closely. Digital solutions for government structures have special requirements. This article is about its main challenges.

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Digital commerce — solutions for Entertainment and Hospitality

One of the most efficient interactive tools in digital commerce is self-service experience. It is not only attractive with its possibilities (virtual fitting room or personalised sizing) but also helpful with analyse clients' behaviour. What are the solutions for the entertainment and hospitality industries? Trends to follow and make industries efficient.

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Banking as a Service (BaaS) - why banking needs reinvention

It is quite noteworthy that six of the ten world's most valuable companies are platform companies. Even though none of them is a bank, banks have proceeded with building public APIs to develop and nurture a whole ecosystem of external partners (independent developers, technology vendors, and service providers).

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Roadmap for seamless collaboration with an R&D team

The research and development sector aims to improve existing technologies that the organisation already has or create innovations to make the company stand out from the competitors. At PNN Soft, most scientists and engineers work in on-site R&D facilities. They nevertheless can travel to have meetings with clients or attend professional conferences.

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DevOps tools and practices: exploit all the benefits of an iterative environment

DevOps is a set of techniques, tools, and philosophies of culture that allow to automate and integrate between the processes of software development teams. Development & Operations software development methodology, the task of which is to establish interaction between programmers and sysadmins in the company.

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What is PWA (Progressive Web App) and how to turn your existing app into it

The only developer is capable of running and customizing a functional PWA but is Progressive Web App technology only a hassle? Simply put, the solution provides users with key native features, such as accessing the app offline, push notifications and installing the app on the mobile home screen. However, not every web application is a PWA...

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How IT Solutions promote loyalty, encourage customers in the Hospitality & Travel industries

Technologies in hospitality and tourism are being improved, due to the growing demands from both sides. More about IT solutions in these two industries in the article. Solutions for business and customers differ in goals and capabilities. PNN Soft developed solutions for Hospitality and Travel.

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The main aspects in analytical software development

The software differs in its functions, implementation, and purpose. Today's analytics provides new opportunities thanks to software. The principles of analytical software allow you to create new use cases in the fields of any activity. Software with analytical methods provides companies with new solutions for various industries. Software solutions for analytics increase the efficiency of any company.

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The “how” and “why” of business app development. A guide by PNN Soft.

Mobile apps are the new frontier, so multinational organizations and budding companies want to create mobile business solutions. Not all applications are equally efficient, however. Some of the platforms are engaging and easy to use, whereas others are simply hard to navigate. And here’s the question: which set of elements do you have to integrate into your app to make it stand out?

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