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Is it a good idea to invest in smart home app development

Home automation solutions are rapidly gaining popularity. Investments in this direction generate income. The analyst states that the income of this group of services will grow fivefold until 2024. What should you know about the development of solutions for the Smart Home?

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Airport Technology Management Solutions

Software solutions for airports provide the main operating activities of the airport. The system is designed to store and manage primary airport data and operations. Therefore, airport management aims to ensure safe civil air traffic and facilitate cooperation between airport administrations.

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Modern IT solutions and apps development for wearable devices

Software solutions and applications for wearable devices and devices requiring wireless connectivity. Today, there are a lot of IoT solutions that make everyday tasks easier. PNN Soft actively uses Agile, Scrum, and RAD methodologies to interact with clients effectively, satisfy customers' needs and obtain more flexibility.

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Custom HR Software Development Services

To achieve the best results for the work of employees, systems have been developed, thanks to which automation of personnel management is provided. HRM system means an automated complex personnel management system. Therefore, the efficiency and optimization of HR have a significant impact on the final result of the company's work.

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Software solutions for insurance companies

The rapid development of software for insurance companies has led to the creation of new tools in this area. The main goal of the software for insurance companies is to achieve maximum efficiency of intellectual labour based on the implementation of the tasks set. The IT solutions for insurance companies are a tool for process automatisation.

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Shifting to SaaS business model: how to proceed with that smoothly

We knew that 20% of companies spend about $12 million annually on cloud computing. The global SaaS industry revenue is expected to reach $171 billion in 2022. That's not surprising, as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows users to reap all the benefits of cloud computing without building platforms from scratch.

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E-Learning for online training to Leverage Business

Previously, the involvement of students in learning depended only on the ability of the teacher to submit the material. But today, it is possible to improve the quality of the educational process with the help of e-learning tools and create interactive and diverse materials. E-learning provides many benefits to both students and organizations.

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How IT Solutions promote loyalty, encourage customers in the Hospitality & Travel industries

Technologies in hospitality and tourism are being improved, due to the growing demands from both sides. More about IT solutions in these two industries in the article. Solutions for business and customers differ in goals and capabilities. PNN Soft developed solutions for Hospitality and Travel.

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Digitization in Healthcare. What software IT companies provide a medical sphere

Innovative digital technologies are already being actively used in the field of medical education. Modern developments in the field of IT provide an opportunity to improve all areas of life. The introduction of innovations should help make the healthcare system easier. Modern IT developments have a positive impact on the development of new ways of organizing medicine.

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