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Loan automation and its capabilities

According to our customers' experience, automation in banking leads to cutting human errors by more than 90%. The development process of the core banking app usually takes 3-4 months. Is it really worth time and investments in the long run? An immediate yes, and here's why. Apart from relatively fast time to market, banking solutions are also beneficial for decreasing operational costs by automating monotonous tasks...

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How Artificial Intelligence spells success to businesses

Which technology is leading the world forward nowadays? Certainly, Artificial Intelligence is among those solutions that have recently become efficient, competitive tools. In 2021, 86% of CEOs claimed that AI was a company's mainstay, which is hardly surprising. However, before speaking about how Artificial Intelligence would benefit your enterprise, we need to clarify the term itself...

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Airport Technology Management Solutions

Software solutions for airports provide the main operating activities of the airport. The system is designed to store and manage primary airport data and operations. Therefore, airport management aims to ensure safe civil air traffic and facilitate cooperation between airport administrations.

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Digital commerce — solutions for Entertainment and Hospitality

One of the most efficient interactive tools in digital commerce is self-service experience. It is not only attractive with its possibilities (virtual fitting room or personalised sizing) but also helpful with analyse clients' behaviour. What are the solutions for the entertainment and hospitality industries? Trends to follow and make industries efficient.

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Adtech Software Development

AdTech takes advertising campaigns to a new level, opening up new opportunities in the marketing industry. AdTech technology processes a huge amount of data. The solution allows companies to manage data efficiently, reliably, and profitably. These tools and software are necessary today and occupy an important place among marketing industry professionals.

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Modern IT solutions and apps development for wearable devices

Software solutions and applications for wearable devices and devices requiring wireless connectivity. Today, there are a lot of IoT solutions that make everyday tasks easier. PNN Soft actively uses Agile, Scrum, and RAD methodologies to interact with clients effectively, satisfy customers' needs and obtain more flexibility.

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Reasons to choose hybrid mobile app development

Statista claims that mobile apps will cross a threshold of 258 billion by 2022. One of the leading mobile app development trends, ensuring a cross-platform functionality - hybrid apps - remains visible and relevant in the modern IT landscape. Hybrid apps use popular technological frameworks and languages.

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Metering software for power supply and utility meters

Software for collecting and recording indicators of utility meters is gradually gaining popularity. Special devices and software allow it to check and collect indicators without the direct participation of utility workers or consumers. The software controls and transmits meter readings to the accounting system over a wireless network.

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Artificial intelligence in Fintech (Finance sphere)

AI is rapidly developing today, introducing modern methods of solutions. It is widely used in a variety of industries and has an impact on almost all aspects of creativity. This technology allows banks to meet modern standards by offering smart solutions for servicing their customers. Thus, AI is becoming a priority solution for bringing the financial sector to a new level.

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