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Banking as a Service (BaaS) - why banking needs reinvention

It is quite noteworthy that six of the ten world's most valuable companies are platform companies. Even though none of them is a bank, banks have proceeded with building public APIs to develop and nurture a whole ecosystem of external partners (independent developers, technology vendors, and service providers).

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The benefits and possible risks of Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Statista claims that over 80% of the world’s top 500 companies prefer utilising the ODC framework for software development. Ukrainian IT teams now deliver software development services for over 100 Fortune 500 companies. In this post, we will consider how to take advantage of ODC and minimise risks associated with remote collaboration with the teams of IT professionals.

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Roadmap for seamless collaboration with an R&D team

The research and development sector aims to improve existing technologies that the organisation already has or create innovations to make the company stand out from the competitors. At PNN Soft, most scientists and engineers work in on-site R&D facilities. They nevertheless can travel to have meetings with clients or attend professional conferences.

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What’s coming up in the world of cloud computing: 2022 trends

Cloud development solutions experienced a significant rose between 2020 and 2022 when numerous enterprises searched for ways to virtualization of their entire IT infrastructure. The trend of P2V, so-called physical-to-virtual, will be evolving in 2022. Moreover, it is anticipated that by the end of 2022, almost all companies will become cloud-native.

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App Development for Wearable Devices in 2022.

Modern technologies are constantly evolving, introducing new functions. The prospect of developing mobile applications for wearable devices is reaching heights. Their efficient process attracts more and more users. Today, there are many applications available that are designed specifically for wearable devices. This increases their scalability and competitiveness in the market.

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What you should know about Fintech trends and opportunities

Over the past few years, the financial market sector has been actively introducing modern technologies into its processes. Fintech is a technology that contributes to the effective management of the financial aspects of a business. The use of Fintech allows companies to create new technology solutions to compete with traditional financial organizations.

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DevOps tools and practices: exploit all the benefits of an iterative environment

DevOps is a set of techniques, tools, and philosophies of culture that allow to automate and integrate between the processes of software development teams. Development & Operations software development methodology, the task of which is to establish interaction between programmers and sysadmins in the company.

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AI in Architecture. Technologies and software in Architecture

The last few years have shown that Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining demand. Artificial intelligence (AI) is having an increasing impact on various industries. He creates advanced tools and methods for unsolvable tasks. AI finds its place in the architecture industry to free workers from routine tasks. However, the technology is not able to automate the receptivity and intuition of the architect as it is a tool used by humans.

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Automated Manufacturing Solutions. The pross of solutions and the way to do it

Automation of production is an integral part of progress. This process already increases the efficiency of work by carrying out time-consuming technical tasks in a shorter period of time. The main role of the introduction of automation systems is to increase the level of mobility and facilitate the work of employees. Thanks to these changes, the level of competitiveness in the market increases.

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