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Sport Gear Tracker Privacy Policy


General Information

Sport Gear Tracker is an online service that allows our members to set up unique personal profiles and workout routines. In addition, users can share and exchange their own workout routines with other users. To enrich our users’ experience, we request and display some personal information to other members and visitors. Sport Gear Tracker users can change their profile information at any time and can control who can see their fitness results. We are committed to ensuring that the personal information we gather from you is secure and confidential. We do not sell, rent or trade our customers’ personal data.

Information Collected by Sport Gear Tracker

We collect some personal and fitness information:

• Birthday: For the calculation of the heart rate zone and the body measure
• Weight: To calculate the energy consumption of a workout and the body measure
• Gender: To calculate the energy consumption of a workout and the body measure
• Run/Workout history (this data is connected to run/workout location and stored locally with shared access)

Personal Information Security

By default, private information is stored locally on the phone storage only. Optionally you could allow uploading your private information to Google Fit Cloud storage.

Permissions required:





Device ID & call information

Body sensors


Editing Information

Users may modify or remove any of their personal information at any time by logging into their account and accessing features such as Edit Profile and Account Settings.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and all updates will be posted on this page.

For detailed information visit our web-site pnnsoft.com

If you have any concerns, questions, regarding this policy, feel free to contact us.