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Easy to connect over the web – how we create Web BLE Browser

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Project Description

PNN Soft Company has developed a unique Web BLE Browser for fast and reliable wireless connection of devices vie Bluetooth to web-sites. The app created for iOS-based mobile devices allows you to quickly connect to a third-party appliance using the BLE function. The Bluefy app supports advanced Internet of Things technology, but it remains very simple, convenient, and intuitive to use. Bluefy requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Web bluetooth browser

Key Features

Bluefy app for iOS

Case Highlights

We implement the Bluefy Browser with special functions for web developers. Now, Bluefy gives developers the ability to create web solutions that will work on all iOS devices. The main requirement to launch your website through our browser is that it must work over a secure https connection.

Support for modern technologies – Web Bluetooth API is the way how websites, running in the Central role easily connect to remote GATT Server via BLE.

Web Bluetooth API

Delivered Solutions

Connect a website to third-party devices without wires is a new opportunity for IoT technology to become more firmly fixed in our lives. Users get a wide range of services and interaction with the surrounding gadgets, which covers smart home management, health monitoring, the automotive industry, and so on. Most importantly, we can guarantee a high level of protection.

After-Development Product Support

We constantly improve Bluefy smart Browser for users’ needs.

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Download Bluefy App