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Web analytic application for consumer engagement and management

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Analytics plays an essential role in marketing, as it helps to predict how users will behave in the future, how their interests and behavior may change against the background of more global economic events.

PNN Soft team developed a web application for the large Digital Company’s internal employees to collect data analytics of users’ behavior with their products and manage users’ application settings.

We developed and implemented an embedded system, to improve the company’s business performance optimization of their consumer and industrial IoT solutions, efficiently manage workflows, enhance the security of their data, and get advanced reporting mechanisms.

The web application provides the company employees with the possibility to set the appropriate setting and configurations for the different application markets. Possibility to change contents, enable or disable app functions, adding new posts.

Web Analytic Application features:

To implement this project in reality developers used up-to-date methodologies and technologies like C#, Python.