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Web application for furniture designing and further order calculation

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Project Description

Counter Intelligence is a custom Web-based application designed to meet the needs of the countertop industry. The application is organized as a set of Web forms and dialogues that helps the countertop manufacturer to go through the whole production cycle, from initial customer request and countertop design to the final shipment of countertops to the customer.

The web application includes the CounterCAD Designer module, which delivers high-quality 2D graphics inside the browser window. It utilizes Adobe’s SVG plug-in (standard Microsoft Internet Explorer plug-in) to take advantage of high performance and quality for rendering vector graphics.


CounterCAD Designer module utilizes rich scripting capabilities of SVG plug-in to offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows the user to quickly create complex design drawings for countertops.

The designer module has a built-in template library that includes a large number of countertop templates and a variety of products. Users can select one of the predefined countertop templates to start with, or alternatively, they can easily create and store their own countertop templates to use in the future.

Once the countertop template is on the drawing board, the user can customize different template parameters like countertop dimensions, materials, colours etc. Or the user can add different products and features he or she needs for the countertop to satisfy the client’s demands. For example, one can place a sink or secure space for sink cutout on the section of the countertop, apply cutouts and bump-outs of different profiles to countertop sides and backsplashes, specify a location for seams and electric outlets on the countertop, apply different corner treatments to countertop and its backsplashes.

The CounterCAD Designer module can also generate printable versions of design drawings. It can be printed out directly from the browser, or the user can choose to save it on the local computer.

 Technical features:

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