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Corporate Web Solutions

To optimize your business, we consider all demands to make your ERP, CRM systems professional with up-to-date design and based on effective solutions. One of the activities of PNN Soft is the development and implementation of effective corporate web solutions of any complexity and scale. We develop solutions that aim to make your project successful and recognizable in the market.

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Reasons to implement custom corporate web solution

PNN Soft has a team of specialists with extensive experience and high qualifications in creating web solutions under the highest standards. Our specialists provide wide-ranging enterprise software development and implementation, including ERP and CRM, and other corporate solutions on demand. We aim to meet the requirements of customers regarding the quality of development and design.

  1. Integrate workflow and all enterprise systems into a single business process.
  2. Automate business processes. Corporate web systems in the best tool to optimise some processes as paperwork.
  3. The trust of clients and strengthening of authority. A custom website or application makes a first business impression on users.
  4. Expansion of channels and profitability. Generating potential customers and getting higher conversion rates. With Corporate web services, you solve performance and scalability issues.
  5. Provide mobile access to the system for being flexible.
  6. Improving the marketing strategy and increasing the adaptability of the company's strategy.
  7. Increase the level of information security.

Stages of corporate ERP and CRM systems development at PNN Soft

Development and Testing
  • Requirements analysis software
  • Specifications preparation system
  • Projection and GUI design
Development and Testing
  • R&D
  • Application implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Application maintenance and support

Create corporate web solutions

PNN Soft specialists use Java (Java EE), C# to provide business with corporate system's integration with other IT systems of the enterprise.

The advantages of developing and implementing Enterprise web app development include:

Increased sales volume

Improved customer loyalty

Reduction of internal costs

Effective manageability of work

Flexibility and scalability of the solution

Data processing and transfer

PNN Soft specialists will help you decide on the choice of tools for promoting and optimizing your business. Our task is to analyse, design and implement web corporate solutions that help to achieve high competitiveness by combining the latest web technologies. We aim to implement and integrate components and modules of the management systems into existing clients' products. Furthermore, PNN Soft is ready to develop custom solutions from the scratch.

Our customers receive the optimal, easily customizable solution that will automate business processes and effectively increase enterprise performance. This not only increases visibility on the Internet, but also attracts new potential customers. Use the potential of Enterprise Software Development for your business and create a reliable platform that interacts with your audience and increases sales.

We build multiserver complex solutions for highly loaded tasks. Fill out the form below and we will advise you.