PNN Soft company develops brand – new socially helpful application for smartphones

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This IT development made by PNN Soft will help to promote a level of safe driving on the routs. This new application for smartphones is named «Drive alert». If any driver, who will use this application, starts driving, his smartphone is to be blocked immediately.

For the time the drive lasts smartphone instead of ringing will send an SMS to the caller with this such words: “Sorry, I am driving right now. Please call me later”. All of it will be done automatically by the application we develop. When the speed of the car detected by GPS is safe to answer a phone call, the block of the smartphone will be turned off.

This very socially important product, developed by PNN Soft, will be highly claimed by parents, who wish to buy a car for their grown-up teenagers. Even if a child turns off our brand – new smartphone application – his parents will be informed in a few seconds and yet one can interfere in the situation to provide safety their child’s life. Drive alert – a new smartphone application that stands on a guard of human’s life safety.