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Agile Consulting Service

PNN Soft provides companies with high-quality agile development consulting. Our experts aim to deliver solutions faster without sacrificing functionality and spending time on inefficient tasks.

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Agile and Scrum consulting tailored to your business specifics

Our Agile consulting service's scope is determined by analysing your situation and includes Agile project management consulting and software consulting as appropriate. We then establish target KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of the Agile methodology adopted from various perspectives:

  • Software quality is measured by software availability, bugs found in production or per iteration, and user satisfaction score.
  • A team's performance is measured by the amount of work completed per iteration.
  • Business outcomes resulting from process improvements, such as actual budget versus planned budget and time to market.

Agile consultant services provided by PNN Soft are rooted in defining patterns of ongoing projects and optimising them for achieving higher sustainability of your project. We apply agile principles to collaboration with partners for setting up and improving the development process.

We offer different collaboration models with our Agile software consultants

Agile methodology consulting

– PNN Soft experts select a particular Agile sector and framework that benefits your company the most and fits a given project. The next step implies planning setup.

Agile process design and implementation

– depending on your demands, we modernise an existing platform or design a value-driving project from scratch. Regardless of the case, we smoothly divide the scope of the Agile project across all team departments

Continuous Agile consulting

– the consulting methodology implies continuous project execution for the whole life cycle of your future solution, including post-development phases. In addition, we can also work on a series of projects, enhancing the quality of programming products.

Unleash the benefits of Agile software development

We manage Agile process execution for the entire life cycle of a rapidly growing/changing project or a series of projects, and continuously improve the process. Our Agile development services are based on best practices adapted to particular projects. Our approach includes Scrum, Kanban, Lean Software Development, Feature Driven Development (FDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD) and eXtreme Programming (XP). We are also ready to combine several approaches in depends on of project's needs.

If your objective is to adopt Agile on the level of all team functions, we can help out with the task. At PNN Soft, we have joint expertise of business analytics specialists, UX and UI designers, and DevOps, QA staff members.

When implemented diligently, Agile Methodology becomes a key to outpacing the competition, adjusting to market conditions and balancing between robust practices and technological innovations. No less important, the approach also allows companies to derive insights from customer feedback, which results in transformational changes for enterprises. If you are ready for a successful collaboration with PNN Soft Agile experts, fill out the form below.