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Our startup for the inCarDoc application has gained 2.5 million downloads

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About 4 years ago, we launched the inCarDoc project, an application for connection to the car’s onboard computer and retrieving data about the car and engine performance for further analysis and driving optimisation.

Today the total number of downloads of basic and PRO versions of Android and iOS applications crossed 2.5 million points. While the Incardoc.com resource visitors rate is about 27 million users per month. It’s the reason to be proud!

Let’s recall, inCarDoc is available in basic and PRO versions for Android/iOS devices, it has a user-friendly interface, various arrow widgets, as well as localization for most European and Asian regions.

At the moment, besides the standard functions such as fuel consumption display, quick error cleaning, DTC identification etc., the app has advanced features which make inCarDoc a powerful car diagnostic tool.

At the same time, the user support forum actively functions, and we have ambitious plans for the elaboration of this project.