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PNN Soft creates a project based on Microsoft and Amazon Web Services

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Our company has organized a dedicated team of qualified software engineers to run a multilingual project for an international advertising company in different markets, providing access to users from many countries with multilingual content.

According to the customer requirements, PNN Soft has formed a dedicated team that consists of experts in .Net (C#) technology, including experience in ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, as well as cloud services from Amazon, such as Amazon Web Services, S3, SES, SNS.

This internet project represents a high-scalable, high-load system providing simultaneous access to users from more than 20 countries.

This project was implemented by our company according to the model software development outsourcing, and we organized Dedicated Team. DDT concentrated on the development of a highly loaded system characterized by high flexibility and resiliency.

In addition, a dedicated team implements support of multilingual content for a large number of users from different countries, with the support of content in multiple languages, currencies, etc.