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Technologies provide huge opportunities for advertising any product and brand. The number of solutions and complex tools used for this is constantly increasing. Today, advertising campaigns are no longer possible without special software to ensure holistic digital marketing. 

Digital transformation takes the company to a new level. A single digital platform allows you to:

  • standardize the interaction between departments and employees;
  • create and effectively use decision support systems;
  • create reliable asset management systems;
  • manage advanced business processes in real-time;
  • set up end-to-end analytics, make decisions, and manage product value based on data;
  • to raise customer service to a new level;
  • increase employee productivity by standardizing their educational practices;
  • ensure data security and reduce the risks associated with fraud.

What should we know about Adtech?

The term "AdTech" is translated from English as "advertising technologies". Firstly, AdTech includes all kinds of tools and software platforms for setting up and displaying ads to potential customers. As a rule, advertisers, advertising agencies, or publishers use it to manage and monetize their advertising campaigns. Secondly, Advertising Technology tools (AdTech) facilitate the implementation of marketing campaigns and make their expenses profitable through various methods and tools. 

It is a significant aspect of digital marketing, as these tools and software are necessary for effective "fishing customers" and occupy an important place among industry professionals. In addition,  AdTech solutions reduce costs and open up new opportunities for marketers and advertisers too.

The importance of marketing data. And what is the role of AdTech in this?

AdTech in combination with Big Data, and huge data sets about potential customers, enables us to reach new opportunities. The base of a successful strategy is the statement "to know the consumer better than you know yourself". The primary field of activity of AdTech is the analysis of the target audience, campaign management, and delivery of ads to consumers. Its ultimate goal is to increase the effectiveness of advertising channels. Such a strategy can be effective for several cases, and business needs. Advertising designed for a wider audience can be low-effective. Still, with the help of AdTech, advertising always targets the most relevant audience on time with a suitable resource and context. 

What is a data platform?

It is a platform that helps to collect, organize, and activate data from various sources and conveniently present them. As data accumulates, it is important to find suitable management and storage solutions. As a rule, client data platforms help to collect complex data sets from all sources and manage them, providing practical analytics. Such a data system provides a reliable connection to third-party advertising networks and exchanges for the purchase of targeted advertising. The analysis includes various methods under different names and is used in various fields, including marketing. Today, analysis plays a role in making accurate decisions and helps enterprises work more labor-intensive. The definition of big data indicates the presence of clearly defined goals and objectives. To achieve the best results, the following data analysis tasks are set:

  • collecting information;
  • structuring information;
  • identifying patterns, and analyzing;
  • forecasting and receiving recommendations.

Also, AdTech plays an important role in processing huge amounts of data. Among them: 

  • the number of new users per day;
  • their online activity;
  • patterns of behavior;
  • detection of viral elements;
  • joint filtering, etc.

Advantages of AdTech, and what it contributes to

Modern advertising technologies are constantly developing, introducing new tools. Adtech software platforms help brands and agencies acquire advertising space. Using Adtech, many advantages are provided, such as:

  • ability to scale;
  • improving the operational efficiency of campaigns;
  • proper allocation of advertising costs;
  • real-time flexibility;
  • unique targeting features;
  • understanding the marketing structure;
  • improving results and their effectiveness.


By applying the capabilities of AdTech, it can help:

  • optimize monetization activities through advertising;
  • perform media buying and advertising optimization for the desired organization;
  • collect information about the audience (identify a potential client, his activity and behavior);
  • synchronize audience data;
  • increase profits from traffic distribution. 

AdTech solutions that will make a trend in marketing

Advertising technologies are regularly developing, introducing new methods of solutions. Today, qualified marketers are setting up smart automated campaigns that contribute to the most effective result of work. Let's note the current trends in the field of AdTech:

  • Machine learning. Machine learning is one of the directions of artificial intelligence. The basic principle is that machines receive data and "learn" from it. Currently, it is the most promising business tool based on artificial intelligence. Machine learning systems apply the gained bits of knowledge quickly to large data sets. It will enable them to excel in the following tasks - face recognition, speech recognition, object recognition, translation, and many others. This technology helps marketers analyze numerous signals in real-time and show relevant ads to consumers at the right time. It is a crucial and growing trend for marketers, which will continue to influence their success in the future.
  • Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the ability of computer systems to perform creative and intellectual functions. Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas of technological development. It processes data to make decisions and create forecasts. This is an excellent solution for modern marketing, as it provides an opportunity to analyze consumer data, which allows you to configure targeting as accurately as possible and select relevant advertising content.
  • Big Data. This is a series of approaches, tools, and methods for processing structured and unstructured data of huge volumes and considerable variety to obtain effective results. Big Data analysis is an excellent solution for marketing as it allows you to create: the most accurate portrait of the target consumer, personalization of advertising messages; get a better idea of the company's own product, and create new digital marketing.

To achieve the advertising goals of any company, there is a set of software tools, the choice of which depends on the key needs of the business. The future of advertising technologies has already arrived. Marketers are actively using data analysis and other new technologies.  The set of adtech tools takes advertising campaigns to a new level, which allows them to actively develop now and in the future, creating new strategic plans. 

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