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Android/iOS mobile games development based on the Unity 3D Technology

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Android/iOS mobile games development by PNN Soft based on the Unity 3D

Our experts of the dedicated development centre (DDC, DDT) dealing with Android/iOS mobile application creation have reached a new level of mobile app development – now our company provides services on custom mobile games development.

For the development of mobile games, we use a proven platform, Unity, which is a flexible and powerful development technology to create multi-platform 3D and 2D games and interactive content.

When developing mobile games, our specialists clearly follow the customer’s requirements; in addition, we advise the customer on the best technology, as well as the effects, animation, etc., to make mobile games more fun and fascinating to users.

When developing mobile games, we distribute the work on the iterations:

  1. Planning – this stage comes immediately after the approval of the project with the customer; when the evaluation of the terms is ready, the customer’s requirements are carefully studied. We start planning the project workflow, participants, and prescribe the tasks and case studies to test the finished game.
  2. Development Stage – we create prototypes of the game and game design and create characters, animation, effects – everything according to customer requirements. Unity3D platform allows us to implement a variety of plug-ins and extensions, such as Google Play Game Services, Photon, NGUI, UGUI, AdMob, Google Play Services, Game Analytics, Flurry, and others, to create a wider range of functions of the mobile games.
  3. Testing Phase – starts when the game is ready. Here our testing team starts working, and the game is tested by our experienced testers. According to the test cases, they analyze the mobile game, check for inaccuracies, and then the developers eliminate them. In addition, testing is intended to check whether the UI of the game is user-friendly for the user.
  4. Release – at this stage, we provide customer support with the release of the ready application – mobile game on the mobile apps markets – Google Play and Apple Store. In addition, we provide app support at the end of the project.

Development of the mobile games at PNN Soft is an extremely exciting process, which involves experts in different fields, including designers of prototypes, UI/UX designers and animators, software developers, and testers.

If you are interested in the development of mobile games or in custom software development, describe to us your ideas by filling up the feedback form below.