Automated and Manual Software Testing for Business Processes Automation


Software testing is a critical factor for the successful development and implementation of the business processes

One of the main purposes of the developers and testers as well as company’s headquarters is to accelerate the process of software testing and applications’ debugging, increase test coverage and testing performance in the IT budget reasonable scale.

According to the degree of automation following types of software testing are distinguished: 

  • Manual testing - involves writing test cases by the testers and manual checking of all the scenarios before the software release.
  • Automated testing - involves special software to perform testing and verification of the testing results, which helps to reduce testing time and simplify testing process.

QA Automation has several advantages over the manual testing, it allows:

  • Verify the implementation of all business processes in the shortest time
  • Increase the accuracy and effectiveness of testing process. Accuracy and repetitiveness of testing process leads to early detection of most defects
  • Compatibility

Examples of PNN Soft Company’s successful projects using automated testing:  

  • Remittances (sending and money payment to various money transfer systems (MoneyGram, Ria, Anelik, etc.)
  • Credit systems (creation and processing of loan applications)
  • Budget management system (creation and processing of applications)
  • Other customers projects.

While these projects implementation we are using automated testing, that allows to reduce the time spent on creation of the same requests in 2 - 3 times. QA automation plays a key role in increasing the speed, efficiency and flexibility of the software testing process. As a result, defects are detected early and resolved quickly.

We use special software in testing process:

Selenium WebDriver – an automated tool for functional and regression testing. This tool has special drivers customized for a specific web browser. That means Selenium WebDriver works with every browser individually. This increases the stability of the tests performance as they are adjusted for a specific browser. Moreover it becomes easier to write tests and maintain them. Tests performance increases. Selenium WebDriver uses native command i.e. is trying to copy user’s actions completely. At the moment the following drivers are available: FirefoxDriver; InternetExplorerDriver; ChromeDriver; AndriodDriver - mobile browser, IphoneDriver - mobile browser. Languages list supported by Selenium WebDriver: C #, Java, Ruby, Phyton.

Jakarta JMeter - a tool for load testing, testing server loading when handling a large number of users.

In most projects, we are testing the user interface (GUI testing), which involves stimulation of the user activity.

During the testing we use two basic approaches:  

Simulation Utilities. Selenium IDE tool for Mozilla Firefox, which records the user's activity and then perform it while testing. At the same time any small change in the software being tested requires a rewrite of manual tests.

Scripting - a form of programming on languages (mainly in Java), specially designed for software testing automation, which simplifies the timepoint of the code change while changes in web applications.

PNN Soft proposes QA and functional testing in the following variants:

  • integral part of custom software development process
  • independent QA and testing outsourcing service  
  • independent system, architecture and code audit service

The proposed methods cover manual and automated testing. Within white box testing our specialists perform revision and testing of the standalone web applications, client-server systems and embedded devices functionality, language specific Java, C#, C++.

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