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Automated Graphical User Interfaces Testing of while Mobile Apps Development

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PNN Soft is actively engaged in the development and implementation of mobile applications

To sustain current development trends and keep up with the changes of the mobile platforms, we consider quality assurance of these mobile apps to be of high priority to ensure their accuracy.

Our quality assurance (QA) services allow maintaining complete testing of mobile applications before their release on the market. Our testing department verifies the quality of the software applying automated testing method, which is considered to be more accurate and allows us to find more errors and fix them. PNN Soft Company’s specialists have extensive experience in automated testing of mobile applications.

Automated testing facilitates mobile applications’ testing process and does not require large efforts, it simplifies the testing process on a wide variety of software platforms:

We use the following software testing tools:

Automated testing allows our QA specialists:

For more information about custom software development services and software testing, please contact us by the contact form below.