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We perform automatic testing of e-mail newsletters for corporate portals

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PNN Soft implements mass emailing projects for marketing agencies using EmailOnAcid

As part of such project implementation, we offer QA and testing services developed by us. As part of the corporate system for marketing agency project implementation, in order to verify the process of sending, receiving and displaying electronic messages in different e-mail clients, our testers used the automatic service EmailOnAcid.

This service allows us to test how the e-mail will be displayed before sending a letter to the mailbox of the recipient and whether the user can understand exactly what you want to tell him

This tool allows:  

The tool has its own web analytics system for analyzing the email, and various algorithms for checking the passage of spam filters. In addition, we provide dedicated teams of testers/QA specialists, resources, equipment and infrastructure exclusively appropriate to the needs of the client. For more information and to discuss your project, and to request a quote, contact us.