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Business processes automation for mobile providers and telecommunication companies

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PNN Soft Company provides the implementation of the complex software solutions on demand for various industries, including the telecommunications sector

Among our customers are the companies mobile providers, Internet service providers, providers of satellite communications, IP-telephony, hosting and others.

Our experts admit that the business processes of the telecommunications companies are distinguished by high complexity and duration, require the use of significant resources and synergy between departments and staff involved in them. Business efficiency of the satellite and mobile communication providers depends on the quality of work with ordinary consumer and enterprise customers.

PNN Soft Company’s specialists develop software solutions from the scratch as well as upgrade existing systems, configure and implement additional functional systems, implement changes to the key modules, create new elements and attributes of the systems components in accordance with the customer requirements.

We use advanced technologies such as: Java (J2EE), C # (. Net), C++, Oracle Database, MS SQL, as well as solutions based on the Microsoft, IBM and Oracle products. Our solutions are aimed at the elimination of the gaps in processes, improving the transparency of the major company’s departments, ensuring regular and effective work with the user and/or client asset of the company as well as unification of the dataflow of the to enhance the profitability and business performance. For more information and to request a quote, fill in the form on the Contacts page.