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Creation of design for mobile devices

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PNN Soft creates mobile applications design

Our company provides a full range of services for the app’s visual design on any mobile device. We will consult you about all the appealing questions, give recommendations on one or any other color solutions, design, usability, and styles of design.

Developers determine the objective of the application at the initial stage of work. Every project has its objects as following, monetization, image & audio, or Web version of a product.

The design is individually developed for each specific application. Design development includes all the characteristics and requirements for the creation of the application interface. All graphic elements are created “from scratch” and developed with all requirements discussed before. In this process takes part, firstly, the customer says how he wants to see the design that he pays for. Secondly, the designer who offers effective methods of realization, selection of the pleasant and appropriate range of colors, number and type of animation. Third, the developer who implements the design and functions in practice.

Depending on the application, the design includes the following, full elaboration of the standard arrangement of elements on the screens of the application, navigation path through the application and the preparation of the required minimum – icons, startup screen, selecting colors, adding your own new elements of control, displaying information, preparation of a full set of screens of the application.

Each stage of the application design is agreed upon and confirmed by the customer, which allows controlling all the steps and making changes directly in the process. The final objective is to finish an individual product of design, completely corresponding to all the stated objectives and needs of a particular customer, which includes all the elements of design, forms, and the full map navigation through the application.

Please, contact us for more information and to order the service by filling the form on the Contacts page.