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Creation of design for presentations

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PNN Soft Company develops the design of presentations for various objectives and assignments

We offer design services for presentations in PowerPoint and Flash.
While creating the design, we consider all the customers’ needs, the specificity of the project scope, general objectives, and assignments of the produced product.

Design creation includes:

Our designers create visual presentations according to the concept of multimedia presentation. We develop all the features, visual and sound effects. The presentation can be created and based on materials provided by the customer or made from scratch. Presentations design includes all the declared requirements of the customer and features of the project.

Each presentation is an individual project. We do not use template solutions for design in our work.

Developers agree on each stage and all changes of work with the customer. 

Thus, it allows for achieving a good combination of information and high-quality work performance. The final product is a completed presentation, the set of all the necessary elements used in the presentation.