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Data Processing at High-Load Systems using LINQ Technology

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We are developing a variety of high-load applications using .NET Framework based on the programming language C#

Basically, these are the applications serving a large number of users and involving the simultaneous processing of large amounts of data. 

Taking into account the specifics of such systems, while implementing such kind of projects our experts face the task of to ensure both: the stable operation of the software application and ensure that they can withstand a big jump load, a large flow of customers and ensure correct system performance.

Our specialists use LINQ technology for high-load data-processing. This technology appeared in .NET Framework version 3.5 and provides an incredible opportunity for data processing, and as a result allows reduce processing time effectively as well as and the application’s performance rises several times. 

Our experience in developing high-load systems includes implementation of web applications with the 24x7mode, including: 

We develop similar systems for various industries, including marketing and advertisement companies, financial and telecommunications companies that work with large amounts of information and clients. 

For more information and to discuss the project, please contact us using the feedback form below.