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GUI manual testing while mobile application development

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Mobile applications development at PNN Soft company involves not only mobile applications development process but also web applications, which are processed on the client side (JavaScript) or on the server side.

PNN Soft company’s QA and testing department verifies the quality of software products using the manual testing method – that is the most time consuming and at the same time the most effective type of testing.

We have extensive experience in the field of manual testing of the graphical user interfaces (GUI) while developing various applications for mobile devices. We provide you with a professional and efficient team of testers for the software quality assurance.

Manual testing is perhaps the most effective, although it requires more effort, especially quality assurance of mobile applications, that can be really a challenge for the testing specialists because of the large variety of development platforms:  

Manual testing is more suitable if:

Thus, in the short term, manual testing is more effective, as you do not have ready-made automated tests, which require additional time for their creation. Unfortunately, there is no option for automation of the mobile app usability and attractiveness evaluation. Ideally, manual testing is one of the final stages of the life cycle of mobile application development. For more information about the software development and testing services of mobile applications, please contact us.