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High-load Web Applications Implementation using Memcached Caching System

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When implementing high-load web applications our experts use Memcached system, an open-source software, caching service, which is characterized by high performance and originally intended to speed up the dynamic web applications by reducing the load on the database. 

Caching is an important part of the web application development as well as proper functioning of the web project. One of the most critical characteristics of the web resource, from a user experience point of view, is the server response time – response formation for the user, information uploading, data retrieval from external resources. Information caching allows putting it into an intermediate buffer with fast access. 

Memcached provides our programmers transient storage to implement web applications using Java (Java EE), C# (.Net), C++ technologies and allow to store small pieces of arbitrary data (strings, objects), results of database quires, API quires, page rendering. With Memcached service we deploy web applications easily, quickly and solve many problems related to caching large amounts of information. 

Our programmers use Memcached while implementing: 

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