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iBeacon-applications Development for Mobile Devices based on iOS, Android

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PNN Soft provides software and mobile apps development for a variety of businesses

We offer our clients services of creating iBeacon applications for mobile devices based on iOS and Android

iBeacon is a new technology, which is based on Bluetooth Low Energy and is used as a positioning system inside and outside the premises, allowing various companies to send information, advertising on the smartphone of the potential customer being in the range of certain iBeacon wireless sensor. IBeacon technology is integrated into iOS, starting with version 7, and works on Apple devices, starting with the iPhone 4S and iPad 3.

Android smartphones version 4.3 and above also support this feature. 

We develop iBeacon-applications that provide customers a wide functionality for interacting with their clients, including: 

iOS, Android mobile applications, in coordination with the iBeacon technology by PNN Soft provide you with: 

Our experienced programmers develop iBeacon-applications of any complexity and scale. If you are interested in the service of creating applications for iBeacon, please contact us by filling out the form below.