Solution for real-time interaction based on Node.js, Socket.OI, WebSockets

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PNN Soft creates web services for real-time communication via live chat or chat rooms

Our company offers the best terms and conditions of interaction with customers and provides dedicated development teams of programmers for custom software development projects.

The software development experience of our specialists includes the creation of web applications, cross-domain applications, and integrated applications, providing a large number of users the possibility to exchange messages and communicate in real time. This can be a web service for online chat, chat rooms, and others.

Our experts consider all the characteristics and requirements of such systems, in particular:

While implementing such systems, we consider the most optimal is to use the combination of multiple technologies: WebSockets + Node.js + Socket. OI. These technologies are ideal solutions for implementing software solutions providing immediate data exchange between a large number of users.

Node.js is a software platform built on JavaScript, which effectively simplifies the work of programmers. Platform qualitatively enhances JavaScript technology, making it more flexible to interact with the data input-output and launching the external libraries written in different languages.

WebSocket is an extension of the HTTP protocol, which is responsible for data exchange. WebSocket Protocol provides two-way communication between web applications and web servers. The protocol gives complete freedom in communication, as it is supported by the most modern browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5+, Safari 3+, Google Chrome 4+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10.61+, iPhone Safari, iPad Safari, Android WebKit, WebOs WebKit.

All this allows us to implement a real-time web communication system, including a connection with zero latency between web clients and servers. As a result, the data and notifications may be sent between browsers and web servers without delay, and no more need for additional requests.

The use of modern technologies, WebSockets + Node.js allows our programmers to achieve the following:

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