Software integration using IBM Integration Bus


PNN Soft is a business partner of IBM and is widely using IBM BPM product line to create software solutions for business processes automating in various spheres

PNN Soft teams of developers, analysts, programmers and QA specialists with experience in project management based on IBM for foreign customers, offer a range of services for custom software development and implementation of corporate IT systems. In addition, our company implements custom software development and integration projects using IBM Integration Bus. This product is developed by IBM integration service bus, intended for large scale projects, being a new version of the previously known solution - IBM WebSphere Message Broker. 

IBM Integration Bus aligns and routes messages between services, transforming data formats, distributes business events to different sources. Visual mapping allows PNN Soft specialists easily connect to other applications without rewriting applications to support specific API, reducing the cost for custom interfaces development at new or existing applications. 

PNN Soft custom software development center, offers integration solutions development services that include: 

  • Complex analysis of the company’s IT infrastructure for a more precise formulation of the information systems integration and selection of an integration solution architecture options; 
  • Analysis of existing solutions and selection of the optimal industrial platform for the integration tasks; 
  • Development of technical requirements and technical design integration solutions; 
  • Development and implementation of integrated solutions based on modern industrial software platforms of leading vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Red Hat; 
  • Complex functional and load testing of the integrated solutions; 
  • Support services of the integration solutions; 
  • Rapid development of functional prototypes of the integrated solutions.  

Using IBM technologies, PNN Soft development teams create systems with the functionality of internal and external corporate services integration. We never stop improving our workflow, including the development of methods, new technologies and management practices in order to improve the capabilities of our team and improve customer satisfaction. 

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