Software Development Process by PNN Soft Company


Software development process at PNN Soft company 

Custom software development and design is the main activity of the enterprise. The main purpose of software development is to produce a software product that meets the functional and technical specifications of the customer, quality-tested and flexible in the future changes and maintenance. 

Creating a software product is divided into the following stages:

  • Gathering functional and technical requirements
  • Designing and building the architecture and technical specifications
  • Software Prototyping
  • The actual development of the software product
  • Testing and correction of found errors
  • Installing software
  • Supporting software

Some of these stages can be omitted up on request customer.

Input data process of developing a software product:

  • Business idea of the customer
  • Functional requirements of the customer
  • Technical constraints and opportunities for the realization of business ideas and customer requirements
  • Completed technology and software products to third parties
  • Prepared technical and engineering solutions company

Imprint data process of developing a software product:

  • Functional specification for software development
  • Technical specifications and documentation for software development
  • Source code software
  • Executable modules and programs produced by the software
  • Test Plans, specifications, reports and information about bugs
  • Documents and specifications for the installation, archiving, and software support

Resources the process of developing a software product:

  • Management of the enterprise
  • Records and Documentation
  • Developers and testers
  • Computers, communications equipment, including Internet, software automation, software development and testing of software products.


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