Software Testing at Agile Software Development Project Implementation


The main goal of our company is customer satisfaction, so we pay particular attention to the software specs at all the stages of software development. In addition, our experts are paying particular attention to the quality of the product - we provide software testing on demand as part of a software development project, as well as dedicated teams of testers software product quality assurance.

When  custom software development services the final user of the product is the customer who is interested in getting a quality product with all the individual features of the business processes being automated. Due to the rapid development of the world, there is always the risk of appearing new details of the product during the development itself, so there is a need for flexible software development methodologies. Agile is a methodology that is aimed to result through effective communication and flexibility in the software development process. While the implementation of practical tasks, Agile is used in complex with such practical methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming, and others, which are built on the principles of Agile.

Applying Agile methodology we divide software development process into a series of short cycles - iterations. Duration of the each iteration is approximately 2 - 4 weeks. The development team of our company is in close contact with the customer throughout the software development life cycle. At the end of the each iteration, customer receives a certain part of the overall functionality, that is completely functional as a standalone product. Thus, at each stage of the product development our experts provide quality assurance.

We use continuous testing throughout software development cycle at flexible environment, using tools like JMeter, Selenium, and solve the following problems:

  • Functional testing of new functionality or changes;
  • Regression testing of the overall functionality of the system;
  • Stress testing
  • Load testing

Our specialists use both manual and automated testing. Automated testing plays an important role in the testing process of our company, as it takes a less time. Agile methodology provides a ready software product on the each iteration, so the daily regression testing is compulsory requirement. If automation is not available, then the regression testing is performed manually.

The advantages of using automated testing:

Automation makes human resources more free to perform quality work. By automating the same type scenarios, testers get more time for the research testing or testing the potentially weak parts of the system.

Automation gives confidence. With automation, errors occurred at any code change can be detected and corrected when running the regression testing. Performing these tests we are confident in the correctness of the performed changes and help to avoid future mistakes that could be caused by incorrect changes. In the case of manual testing error detection requires more time. Thus, in our practice, we use the best solution to ensure the software quality - a combination of automated and manual testing.

As for testing technique, we use the most convenient for both automated and manual testing. It is the decision charts used for the system business rules verification or in case the system behavior depends on the combination of the data inputted. Using this technique, automated tests are built for all combinations of conditions under which it is necessary to perform only one action. If there are several actions, such tests are performed manually, as its automation requires more skills and time. As a result, the customer receives a convenient, high-quality product that best meets their needs.

If you are interested in software product testing, dedicated team of testers, we are ready to provide you more details contact us.


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