Mobile Application Development to Manage Workflow Process via iPhone


PNN Soft Company develops applications for businesses, allowing define and manage their system and workflow via mobile devices

Working at a strategic and operational level, we deliver iPhone, iPad apps that embrace the power of mobile. Recently our experts have implemented iPhone mobile application that allows an iPhone to perform limited project management functions and documents access at the customer’s server.

During the app development, our iPhone Development Center had experience of implementing a wide range of functions including:

  • Synchronization the local database with updated data from the server.  
  • The synchronization function is designed to work in 3g and WiFi modes.
  • Synchronization allows download complete information.
  • PDF/HTML documents can be downloaded in background after the initial synchronization of key information.
  • Synchronization starts automatically upon opening up the iPhone app, if connectivity exists.
  • Synchronization can also be started manually upon clicking the Sync button in the Home page.
  • The application allows search the different catalogs of documents, by code or name.
  • Content view as a PDF or HTML document.
  • Possibility to send the document by email to another recipient once the PDF or HTML document is displayed.  
  • The application allows approving, rejecting or rework a document that has been submitted for approval.

PNN Soft iPhone Development Team covers all cycle of app development from strategic planning and UX/UI design through to front-end development, back-end integration, testing and delivery. We understand that every customer is different and offer bespoke mobile solutions to suit the individual needs of our consumer and enterprise clients. PNN Soft has experience delivering large-scale technical mobile solutions for a number of consumer and enterprise clients. We understand the complexities of integrating with back-end systems and have the in-house skills and experience to deliver such requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can develop bespoke mobile apps to meet your business objectives.

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