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Information and Medical Web Portals Development using .Net Technology

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PNN Soft has extensive experience of developing custom software, a variety of complex software products, as well as enterprise-level web applications, web portals and websites

Elaborating the idea of medical-information resources, our experts have developed three internet portals: web portal www.е-doctor.com.ua, www.emisto.com.ua and www.imed.com.ua.

Project E-doctor www.е-doctor.com.ua – is a virtual clinic providing the entire range of consulting services with qualified medical specialists online.

The resource is designed to provide online communication between the portal visitors who are interested in the prevention and treatment of diseases from one side and medical consultants from the other side. The idea of creating an E-doctor web portal is the result of communication with doctors who were thinking about organizing some medical portal/forum that would connect medical consultants (practitioners) and patients in need of medical care, counselling or alternative medical opinion on their health problems.

Web service EMisto www.emisto.com.ua – a project which aimed to provide fast and reliable information search on Kyiv facilities: memorable places, organizations, private businesses and individuals, their contacts, as well as services with cartographic mapping.

Web portal Imed www.imed.com.ua – provides users with convenient tools for fast access to directions and descriptions of drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices and other related products. The online electronic guide includes information about the composition and form of release, medical action, usage indications, contraindications, side effects etc.

Web portals imed.com.ua and e-doctor.com.ua are mutually integrated; at first, one can find the medicine’s directions, and following the link ask a question about it and get online doctor consultation at the second resource.