Mobile Applications iPhone/Android/ Blackberry QA and Testing using Cloud Technology DeviceAnywhere


PNN Soft provides teams of experts for the implementation of software development projects on demand, along with quality assurance and testing of created software products. In addition, we offer a dedicated team of testers for corporate clients on request. By providing software products quality assurance, our specialists use both manual and automated methods of testing. One of the tools for automated testing of mobile content used by our QA teams is DeviceAnywhere platform.

This tool offers Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS) and allows our developers to access more than 1,500 real mobile devices around the world. Applying DeviceAnywhere our developers and testers get remote access to real mobile devices, run monitoring processes in the form of automated testing scripts, providing problems detection before the mobile or web application gets into the hands of the end users.

We provide quality assurance of following software products:

  • iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry mobile applications
  • Simultaneous viewing and comparison of the mobile content display across devices
  • Testing of mobile and web applications in real time

High professionalism and experience of our specialists allow us to market high-quality mobile content, having advanced features and earn the trust of our customers.


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