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inCarDoc – OBD2 reader for android mobile phone

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In 2012 PNN Soft company released its own development on Android Market called inCarDoc

At the moment, this useful Android application has more than 16,000 users. The application allows you to analyze the status of various vehicle subsystems in real-time using an Android phone and a specialized adapter.

inCarDoc Application Features:

Diagnostic parameters. The application accumulates real-time engine and vehicle parameters: speed, rotation, temperature and multiple other sensor data supported by your car.  

Also, it checks engine light control: reads and clears stored error codes and related freeze frame data.


The app requires an OBD-II Bluetooth adapter based on ELM 327 chipset or a compatible one. We also recommend you avoid the simultaneous launch of several OBD programs to obtain accurate data, so the driver must ensure that no other applications are kept connected to the OBD.

In the future, PNN Soft company plans to upgrade the inCarDoc application and, with this purpose, accept users’ information about OBD-II parameters of the vehicle, which will be considered while creating a new version of the application. Directly at the Settings page, you can fill in the information about the car and send it to the General Information menu. inCarDoc opens a line of PNN Soft helpful applications for car fans.

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