Principles of analytical software development


Despite the large amounts of data and variety of indicators, it is still difficult to predict and implement software projects. Developers determine the overall role and requirements of the software in the system during the design process. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a set of fundamental concepts and principles of analytical apps.

Today's software provides new capabilities for analytics. Advanced analytics allows you to create new use cases and make informed decisions based on data, whether machine learning add-ons or artificial intelligence development. 

What is Data Analysis? And how is his digitalization going?

Data analysis is the process of converting primary data into useful knowledge that can be used in the future. Modern analytical software facilitates this process and its tasks. Dynamic evaluation, streaming data collection and other operations help specialists obtain the most relevant and appropriate indicators. Data analysis is necessary to improve the efficiency of production, product, sales & promotion. It is hard to imagine an up-to-date company that does not use an application or software that analyzes its action. 

Scale production facilities and small private companies use Data analysis systems. In this case, we mean any software or function in a mobile application by the system. Data analysis contributes to the optimization of many processes. Most companies create new production strategies and develop products using analytical software. Data analysis methods can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business, medical care systems, or industrial production.

Scalability of data analysis - large volume analysis

As mentioned earlier, the software records, stores, and processes the operation's data in which the user company is interested.

The scalability of such programs plays a significant role because it is necessary to take a plurality of indicators in dynamics and work with them. This situation is especially typical for businesses related to retail, telecommunications, banks, and the Internet. Their databases accumulate information related to transactions: checks, payments, calls, logins, etc.

To implement such complex software it is necessary to choose an IT company carefully. PNN Soft specializes in the creation of complex solutions, complex analytical software, and highly loaded systems. An impressive achievement is the expanded analytical capabilities with the function of artificial intelligence for more detailed prediction of results.

The transition from traditional to digital forms of analytics helps organizations better understand customer behavior, processes and products. Business analytics (BI) and predictive modeling make it easier to learn new approaches and strategies.

Why is Business Intelligence important?

Business analytics is the process of analyzing procedural and technical infrastructure. It collects, stores and analyzes the received data. BI (Business Analytical) is aimed at obtaining valuable analytical information for making strategic business decisions. The process includes data analysis, processes, comparative and production analysis.

Analytical software provides users with are also presented with results in reports, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps. The ability to automate the process of visualizing indicators makes their work much easier for specialists.

The term business analytics often refers to several tools that provide quick and easy-to-learn access to information. For example, about the current state of the organization based on available data. Today, Business Intelligence covers a large set of approaches and solutions. The lack of a BI strategy can lead to incorrect data analysis. Which in turn will lead the business to problems with structuring and extracting data, inefficient sales, and poor customer experience. 

Capabilities of data analysis

The systems are designed for the analysis of large amounts of data in any subject area. High-speed interaction, support for In-memory and GPU technologies, data storage, and compression.

  1. Add-ons for the program that allows users to build, analyze and explore network models.
  2. Software platforms for the visual development of data and text analysis scenarios. The construction of interactive reports, which does not require programming skills for analytics.
  3. Online services that solve the tasks of data analysis, media analytics, and business analytics in a single system. They provide possibilities to extract business information from heterogeneous data sources.
  4. A data analysis platform that deploys predictive models, machine learning models and solves analytical tasks.
  5. An open-source data visualization and research software specializing in graphs and networks of a variety of species.

The main advantages of analytical software platforms

  • A combination of key components that are inherent in BI. Analytical platforms provide various tools for the integration, collection, processing, and presentation of data. They help companies make business decisions. This type of software allows companies to integrate their data. 
  • High-performance data management. The analytics platform is one of the most convenient options that are suitable for effective data management. It provides a guarantee that users will access the data in the company's storage.
  • Scalability of the company's analytics. By creating a data analysis platform, companies can ensure efficient processing (without sacrificing system performance).
  • The effectiveness of the application of new ideas. The platform helps to track customer interactions with the services provided. For example, how they view the site or which product categories they choose. It allows business owners to get valuable information based on the collected sets to create a marketing structure, improving the quality of customer service.

PNN Soft, as a reliable software development company

PNN Soft is constantly improving the development of its solutions, including software for almost all areas. An optimization-based approach is required to maximize the benefits of data analytics. Thus, we provide advanced capabilities to enterprises in many countries. Leading software development specialists create and implement reliable solutions. If you are looking for a reliable IT company to create software or order the development of a web application, fill out the form below.

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