Processing Center Software System Development for Mobile Operator SMS Analysis Real Time

SMS Processing System

The system to analyze SMS-s of a mobile operator in real time. This cross-platform solution provides high-load, scalable and secure functionality for processing of incoming SMS-s. Work services accept incoming SMS-s via SMPP protocol as SMSC and send outgoing SMS-s as ESME. Web GUI application provides users interface for customers and administrators of this system. 


Technical features: 


Target server platform: Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5.
Target client browsers:IE, Fire Fox, Safari, Google Chrome.
Web framework:Apache 2.2, Tomcat 6, JSP, Struts.
Application frameworks\technologies:JDK 6, Java EE, JNI, XML, XSLT.
Data sources:PostgreSQL 8.x, memcached, binary storage.
Programming Languages:Java, C++
External incoming SMS communication:  SMPP, SMSC.
External outgoing SMS communication:SMPP, ESME.
Internal communication:RMI.

Business-logic features: 

  • Accept incoming SMS Messages from mobile operator via SMPP protocol as SMSC. 
  • Send outgoing SMS to mobile operator via SMPP protocol as ESME. 
  • This system hosts web services and processing services with more than one computer to guarantee the scalability and availability of accepting services.
  • Network Load Balancers enhances the availability and scalability of processing servers. 
Managements and resources: 
  • Time line (versions 1.0 - 2.0): September 2009 - August 2010 
  • Resources: 2 Managers, 10 Developers and 4 testers 
  • Development methodology: adopted RUP

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