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Real-time charting on Android and iPhone mobile devices

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PNN Soft company’s specialists have experience in the development of corporate internet/intranet applications using a wide range of technologies, as well as iPhone, Android mobile applications development.

During inCarDoc mobile application development, its feature of dynamic charts building in particular, our experts had to implement a mechanism of charts drawing in real-time.

Dynamic chat is usually built on the basis of current data, but on the screen it looks like animation. This mechanism provides graphical representation of the data obtained from a device in real-time – the point comes, and then it immediately is displayed on the chart. Thus, during the execution of cycle it needs to be applied to each received point with specified interval.

Also, our programmers had to solve a problem. The thing is, if the screen contains a large number of points and new data is going to come intensively, so the realization of the smooth animation of a chart in motion like an oscilloscope required some “tricks”. The issue was solved by drawing a chart at the “the virtual closed surface” like the mechanist of an old mechanical registrars, which were recording the data on the cylinder. Thus, at each data obtaining iteration of the only new values are drawn while the background is already represented on the screen. Further, the virtual surface is “cut” and instantly displayed on screen of the PC or mobile device.

This mechanism can be used to construct various data charts by reading the real time information from various devices.

If you want to develop an application or a mobile solution – contact us, we will consult you about terms and conditions of the project and develop optimal mechanism for you.