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Research and development of mobile apps for infrared HTC One

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Mobile app research and development with PNN Soft

The research and Development Center of our company has been developing and exploring new technologies to implement mobile solutions for Android, and iOS mobile platforms

While implementing a mobile application development project – a universal remote control for different devices through the infrared port, our specialists got access to the development environment from HTC company – Software Development Kit OpenSense (OpenSense SDK). OpenSense SDK has features that describe access to the IR port on the HTC One smartphone, which is required to connect the devices. The tools necessary for our developers are IR API (IR, Infrared).

Despite the powerful feature set of the SenseTV “smart” application that allows one to control TV and STB – top boxes, it does not cover all of the devices that have IR ports. Among these devices, there are DSLR cameras, printers, and a lot of other equipment. The aim of our staff is to develop a universal solution – a mobile application for HTC One users – universal remote control.

While researching the API interface provided by HTC, our developers found that its features for the developers are quite limited, and there are many IR port protocols that fail to capture all of the devices, which excludes the possibility of creating a universal remote control.

One of the main directions of the activity of our company is application development for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices.

Among other services, we provide enterprise software solutions development on demand using Java, .Net, and C++ technologies, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle products.

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