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Street Racing Speedometer – car acceleration and speed measurement

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We are glad to inform you that PNN Soft company has released a new application on Android Market

Previously we have posted some useful apps, like inCarDoc for car fans and Healthy Dairy for those who care about their own health and want to keep fit.  

Street Racing Speedometer is a new Android application specially designed for drivers and speed fans.

Car drivers who are interested in the speed possibilities of their own cars will be admired by the application. The application allows you to measure car acceleration from 0 to 60 mph and up to the maximum speed with equal ease while driving a car using your favourite Android phone.

You’ll check your car performance with the help of GPS technology, your Android phone and our Street Racing Speedometer application. 

Application Features:

Show your friends what your car is capable of! An additional feature for the speed fans. Using the Street Racing Speedometer application, you can share your car acceleration results with your friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

We also plan to launch a website for this application, where users will be allowed to publish all acceleration results and view the whole history. In future, the website will give the possibility to participate in online car acceleration competitions for single-car models or at the city/country level. The best results will take the top rating on the application website.

This interactive Android application is an internal project of PNN Soft company pnnsoft.com. The company specializes in mobile application development for smartphones on Android, iOS and other platforms, as well as a variety of touchscreen applications.