Testing Laboratory for IBM WebSphere BPM Product Line


PNN Soft Company has deployed its own testing IT laboratory with IBM WebSphere products on the basis of the technical department

The laboratory is used to test the developed software solutions of the company.

The availability of such a testing lab allows us as well as develop and also implement high-quality custom software product for our customers.

Our testing IT laboratory is aimed to solve the following tasks:

  • Testing the functionality of the new products of our company.
  • Testing the compatibility of new versions of modules with the embedded solutions.
  • Testing the reliability and fault tolerance of the solutions developed, including the cluster solutions.
  • Software testing the selected by the customer.

Right now following IMB products are installed and integrated in our testing lab:

  • IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0
  • IBM WebSphere Process Server 7.0
  • IBM WebSphere ESB 7.0
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0.

Also, these products are installed on such operating systems as: Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5.0 and Windows 2008.

Following databases are used: Oracle and DB2.

A number of PNN Soft pnnsoft.com Company’s specialists in various fields are involved in testing, whose research experience helps to thoroughly understand the specifics of the IBM WebSphere software products.

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